Did you say "How can I create my own stand-alone website"?

I have seen many asking this question in Facebook groups and different forums, "How can I create my own stand-alone website". So today I will answer this question and explain all the steps required. To create a website yourself you need the knowledge of at least "HTML" (Hypertext Markup Language) which creates the layout of your website. And if you spend some time on the Internet learning CSS, PHP, and Javascript, you can make cool and rich-featured websites like Facebook, Twitter or Hack4m. You can continue with this tutorial if you at least know HTML and learn all those terms I mentioned later to add awesomeness to your HTML website.

Let me introduce you to all those terms mentioned above and what are they used for.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheet is used to add style to your website, it helps you make/change your website's color, design, etc. In the short, Look & Feel of your website is what CSS helps you to customize.

PHP: "PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language". PHP is used as the backbone of the websites and this is what handles all the cool systems of the cool websites. Making login systems, sending emails, handling database, etc all are done using PHP. However PHP is not the only one, there are several alternatives of PHP, like ASP and Python.

Javasript: Ever wondered How page contents on some websites change without the whole page being loaded again? Well, its Javascript in action! You should learn it once you have learned "How to create own website without using sites like Wapka and Xtgem" to make your website smart. JS does a lot more than just changing page content dynamically.

That's ok If you do not know these languages. You can still setup your website at first and learn them later to apply on it.

Let's start then:

1. You need a domain

For sure you want your website to have a name and a domain, for example, this website has a domain "hack4m.com". So you need to buy a domain for your site from sites like GoDaddy.com and BigRock.com.
But, If you do not want to spend money and just want a domain for the learning purpose, you may register a free domain at http://Dot.TK


2. You need a web-host

Registered the domain? Now you need a place where your website will reside and from your domain control panel you will have to point your domain to that web host so it send the user to your website whenever someone types your URL "exmaple.com". The process is pretty easy!

You can get a cheap and reliable web hosting account from CloudingLab.com.
Once you complete with web hosting account registration, you will be given:
- Name servers or an IP address
- FTP details


3. You need to point your domain to the website :

Go back to your domain control panel on Dot.Tk or wherever you registered it from, If you are given name servers then in settings find name servers option > Enter the given name servers and save them.
Please note that you are given at least two name servers looking like
set them both.
An if you are not given name server but an IP address instead, do not edit the name servers f your domain but go to "DNS manger" and create an "A record" with given IP.
That's it! Now you need to wait from DNS to take effect of your changes which may sometimes take 48 hours and sometimes just 1.


4. Upload your website

Now make your HTML/PHP file in notepad or notepad++, save it somewhere on your PC. Its time to show the file to the world.
To do that you need to upload that file by via ftp. Now you need an FTP client to do so, if you are on Windows download "Filezilla" or Google for "FTP client" and download one.
Once downloaded and installed, enter the given FTP details by your web-host (host name, username, password) and connect.
All the files and directories on your server will be listed in FTP client's panel, upload your file in the directory "public_html" or "htdocs" whichever you see.

Please note that if you name your file "index.html" or "index.php", his fiel will be your site's main page. User will see this page when they point to your "example.com".

Let's suppose you uploaded a file named "index.html" in the "public_html" or "htdocs" folder with this source code:


Welcome to my website

Type your domain in your browsers address bar and you should see that your website is up and running. If does not, DNS might have not refreshed yet. So, wait.