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Visualizing The Product

We visualize the final product with the client's and the team's help, before starting to code for it. To make a clear vision for everyone know what they are working on.

  • Begin with your plan.
  • Add our suggestions and expertise to it.
  • Finalize the final goal.

Designing The Infrastrucutre

The goal is set, now we begin with the infrastructure of the project from technical prospective. Servers and technologies, that suit the client the most are selected.

  • Decide server architecture.
  • Design database model.
  • Ptototype code stucture.

Writting The Code

Next we put our magicians at work to write maintainable, well-structured code for the product. Security and maintainibility of the code are always the highest priority.

  • Follow design patterns.
  • Well structured Object-oriented code.
  • Maintain code-versions and security using git.

Testing for Quality

We insure frquent testing during development with the help of unit tests. However, once the development has finished we dedicatedly test the entire product for any possible faults and bugs.

  • Proper unit tests for micro-services.
  • Quality assurance before delivery.
  • Free 15 days maintainance to the client.

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  • Web Development: E-commerce, Admin Dashboards, Wordpress and Custom Solutions
  • App Development: Android and iOS
  • Other Software Development: Desktop apps, CLI software
  • Server infrastructure management 
Yes we can assign you developers who work dedicatedly on your project full-time. However, they work remotely from our offices.

Yes, we have clients from different countries like USA, UK, and Canada. We work with them in the sync despite the timezone differences.

We charge in two ways:

1. Fixed amount for a project.

2. Dollars per hour.

This is decided by our team depending upon the nature of the project.

Yes, we reply instantly to messages on our official Facebook page. Please message us here: https://fb.com/betacloudhq or tweet at @betacloudhq

Have Any Questions?

You may send us a message using this contact form and we will get back to you within an hour. Feel free to call us or visit our office.

  • +91 808080 7939

  • hello@betacloud.tech

  • BetaCloud 516 North block, Astra Towers, Rajarhat New Town ,Kolkata , India

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